The Truth.

How many times have we been told "The Truth hurts!" I can honestly say I've heard more then 500 + times in my life.

Here I am, enjoying my life going day by day thinking I'm doing everything right. I mean, I'm passing my classes, I'm working really hard at my job, what more could I do?!

How about go to church Taylor?
I have been going to church since I was a baby, as long as I can remember I've sat in a church pew on Sundays and Wednesdays listening to sermon after sermon, but how much of the Bible do I actually know?
How much do I know about how falling into the world, and it could be more dangerous to my soul and my heart. I've went TWO MONTHS without going to church. Not only was I not in church, but I was living of the world. Doing things for the attention of the wrong people. Hanging around people in situations i knew would end badly. Thursday I walked into my college cafeteria and they were having a club fair, I noticed several booths all in a circle and one caught my eye it was the BCM booth where a familiar face was sitting, i walked over with my friends and we started talking to the guy at the booth. I didn't know what BCM stood for and i wasn't even really that interested I just wanted to say hi to an old friend. He immediately handed us all cards it explained what the group was and what BCM stood for,(Baptist College Ministries) He handed my friends and I this card I immediately noticed the reactions of my friends and seen their faces. Some were almost insulted at the invite to join a christian club and then i froze. What have I been doing? Who have I been hanging around that could mold my mind? Of course I love my friends, but are they really good for me?
I'm challenging myself quite a bit by changing my routines. I need to take some "Me" time and figure out what God wants from me in life and stop being so selfish and enjoying the things of the world.


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