A Scaredy Cat

Scared/Happy/Very cold!
Hello there, That's exactly how i felt last night as Devan and I stood in line for the local Haunted house.
Boy was i scared to go in, I guess some would call me a "Scaredy Cat"!
I've never been one for scary movie or Haunted Houses, but Devan convinced me himself that I should go last night and as I waited in line scared and cold(Since Florida doesn't usually get below 40).. I was also Happy we were spending this time together our schedules have not really helped out that much this week with homecoming as his football practices ran late and I was always helping on the float, we didn't see much of each other. I'm glad that the week is over though and we're finally able to get back to normal. Now Halloween is Monday and it's costumes and candy time! I'm super excited :)

"Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story."
 -Mason Cooley
So remember this when you out on your costume.


Homecoming Week!

My school is small and consist of only two HUGE events Homecoming, and Prom. Our Homecoming isn't even that big we just started having a homecoming dance and it's not even formal, jeans and a nice top would pass. The biggest part are the dress up days and the homecoming parade. Two weeks before Homecoming we vote for Class representatives, within the senior class they vote 7 Girls and 7 Boys to represent there class. The week of Homecoming the entire school votes for the King and Queen and they are crowned on the football field the night of the football game, and speaking of our homecoming Game.. we won 52-45 it was an amazing game.Each class also decorates floats and they're judged during the parade my class has won all three years so far, I say 2013 is the best you've ever seen. This week has stressed me out and I'm very happy its over.
Here are some Pictures!

^^Class color day!

 ^^Power puff girls for TV show character day

^^Spirit Day!

^^This is My good friend Ellen she was voted to represent our class :) Isn't she Beautiful?!


A lovely weekend!

This weekend my step sister was here, she comes and visits every other weekend if I had it my way I'd have her here all the time she's so much fun. With that being said the weather has gotten cooler and we found a site that informed us on the Halloween festivities in our area, we found a fall festival/Magic show on Saturday night at a local church we got dress and headed out for the games and fun we were soon to have as a family!

 She rode a horse :p
and im not sure i know what this game is..

 In this, she made a bracelet :)
and of course she was chosen for the magic show, she's just too cute to have not been!

I however took the opportunity to go out in my long sleeve shirt and my white hair extension :)

 Top:Wet seal
Necklace:I made.
White hair extension: Walmart Halloween section.
Then today we had church and then the family went to play some soccer!

I am extremely blessed with a loving and caring family!



Pre. Homecoming,and a Birthday!

Next week is Homecoming! And Yesterday in celebration of my friend Ellen's birthday and to get our homecoming costumes, we went shopping :) Always fun!
In walmart, we dressed Ellen.. Of course in birthday related fashion ;)

and Brenda, well she decided this was her hater blocker :)

Hobby Lobby: Favorite place to go! We three will be the power puff girls on TV Character day :) Hahaha.

Taking pictures in the mirror isle.. Absolutely Looove!

^^^^^^Picture Perfect^^^^

On our way home, a Chinese fire drill Fail! (She tripped over my foot)

She smiled.... I well, Didn't. :)

After shopping Ellen had a very small bonfire at her place. It was tons of fun!

OK, SO I'm getting better at balancing my blog life! I'm super excited about this too.. Blogging is where i go to right down thoughts and meet new people.
 I <3 Blogging!



Date night!

October 15th reached two months for me and Devan :)
So, we went on a double date with my parents we seen Real Steal which is an amazing movie I really recommend this movie and ate at Royal Buffet aah my favorite! I'm enjoying my fall break.. this is just the relaxation i needed :)
How's everyone else???



Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months.

Fall Break already, I can't believe it!

It seems like I just started my Junior year and it's all just mushing together. I don't have to return to school until Wed.. So I'm pretty excited about that :) Last night My high school football team won with an exciting score of 47-0, Isn't it funny the things a teenage girl finds exciting?
Home coming week is coming up so I'm gonna be looking for costume ideas this week.
Our days are Monday-Sports day Tuesday-Nerd Day Wednesday-Color Wars Thursday-Character/Celebrity day and of course Friday is spirit day and our colors are RED and WHITE!
I'm also excited about this, Its a fun week full of games, school spirit, and lots of other stuff!
I'll try and keep my blog updated on the events :)

-xoxo Taylor <3


Every now and then..

I get motivated by something!
I have a habit of finding a TV series and I stick with it for months and have the show record on my DVR for the days i can't just sit around waiting for it to come on. Glee is something i watch and i understand it may offend some but really there are some good outlooks from this show and something i was truly inspired by..

Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) is a character on this show, she has OCD and  issues with her parents. There was a scene in last weeks show that was brought to my attention, she was having a break down.. I have never seen something like this before..People i know of who go through situations like these just go crazy they cant find anything to help them. But then Emma hit her knees and prayed! God is my Shepperd and I love him and if ever I have a situation so serious, would I hit my knees? She says
 " I believe her hears me better when I'm here."  If i could give an award, (and it actually mean something) Emma or Jayma Mays would be the first person I'd go find, for something she doesn't even realize she did. After watching this episode i took the advice, "God hears me better on my knees" and I prayed and prayed.. Which brings me to my next topic, I decided to not go with the CC team and to keep things the way they were as of now.. I don't do to well with changing things and as of lately, everything is good!

-TaylorMarie <3



The choices we make today effect us tomorrow, and for the rest of our life we may look back and regret not doing a certain thing, or doing something we shouldn't have done.
Life is full of decisions, minor ones and major ones
as a teenager my life is full of decision making. I often ask myself what other people would think if i did this, or that... But really what does it matter what they think? Isn't it my choice? The only person that should matter is God and how he will judge me.. Correct?
Now with that being said I'm sure you've figured out I have a decision to make, and your right on with that..If you read my blog..You know I cheer, you may also know I run. Last year i didnt cheer and I took up running cross country and Trackk but this year I picked up cheering again.. Well Cross country is going on and I want so badly to run it just kinda doesnt happen because im up cheering all Friday night and getting up to run super early on Sat just isnt my cup of tea. The cross country coach pulled me out of class friday during 7th period.. she asked if I would run the rest of the seasnon no she practically BEGGED me to run because if I ran we could go to state for sure! But then I think of how much time i'd be home? or If i could really give 100% to the team.
 Praying i make the right decision!




Falling into Fall.

Wow, this weather has come out of no where it seems believe me i am enjoying every bit of it! Coffee in the morning putting on a sweater and heading off to church. Now I'm sitting by my open window listening to Adele's "Someone Like you" and might i add that is really a great song. Well, where have i been? Those may wonder if they wonder.. I've been sucked into a big black hole called my Junior year.. Oh what do i do? I'm always so busy.  Devan and I are still doing good, its easy for our relationship because we're both in the same grade and he plays football, so while i cheer he is playing and we use our dates studying for test.
Well, I'm really sad i keep taking forever to blog I miss posting everyday!

Maybe i can start now,
may not be a big post, but it'll be something!

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