Summer lovin

Summer of 2011, it's been our summer vacation for a week now and let me tell you the "adventure" I've already experienced :) SUNBURN living in Florida I'm a beach person it seems like every time my dad is off work my family is very excited to hit the beach so my brothers can possibly skim board and my sisters and i can also spend some time relaxing in the sun or swimming together, Going to the beach is so much fun while it last. The day we went to the beach i let a simple thing slip my mind and that was Sunscreen of course something so important i forgot, i got home that night and already i was RED! It's been a week since we hit the beach and I'm still recovering, after the burn came the itchy peeling i swear i felt like a snake! Besides my skin looking very deformed I've had the opportunity to visit the local water park Shipwreck Island twice already once Sunday and once Monday, it was very exciting! I will be going back again once more next week. I have lots more planned this summer :) Life is really good!



Time flies.

I can't believe it! The class of 2011 has gradauted taking with them my Boyfriend, Bestfriend, and Brother. The past weekend has certainly opened my eyes that real life is coming and there's nothing i can do to stop it. I pray god has this life planned for me where i will be everything he needs me to be and more. I've been looking at colleges and since this summer is the summer of my JUNIOR year i've already gotten some letters from colleges. I remember when going into middle school was the scariest thing, but here i am two years from experiences the real world! Hope everyone is enjoying a summerbreak:)



In my rarest form

Horrible pictures,

because i have lost my Camera!

New look

Dress:Charolotte Rouse Boots: Stole from mothers closet

Day 1,

So far so good loads of compliments on my cute little outfit. Things are looking up, remember I'm not so good at putting outfits together considering i Love jeans and Shirts entirely because of the comfort! But a nice little dress works too. I got this dress like a year ago, but i lacked so much confidence it was nice to hide under a big hoodie, so this hid inside my dear closet, but when i took it out i realized the simple beauty of it. (Better pictures would help your opinion). I promise I'll find my camera!

By all: Taylor Marie <3


She's so gone!

Web cam
When you're bored and can't find ANYTHING to do, there are web cams to help you have a bit of fun :)
web cam 2

Oh, I have discovered Flickr it is quite amazing and helps me make my photos much bigger!

So, Lately I've been more of a follower instead of a blogger and I've stumbled across lots of "Fashion" blogs. These are blogs where girls my age express themselves through fashion! It is simply amazing the confidence they have and the confidence they give me with every post i read.I began to get more and more intrigued by these blogs and read there stories of how they found fashion daily, for some it's the only way they can be "normal" or for others it's a career they want. As i went to school these days i noticed how bland my small town really is.. the school maybe has 100 kids that attend daily and nobody tries to stand out, even in the 100 kids we blend like a pack of wild zebras with our T-shirts and jeans with a pair of sneakers..Nobody has a style. So, I have made a stand i will start dressing the way i want every day, as long as it's "school appropriate" i will be me and ignore the whispers of other students.. i will try this for the last three weeks of school and see where it gets me, and i will keep everyone updates.
Friday i wore a skirt for the first time since kindergarten!
Thanks you very much Fashion bloggers!
-Taylor Marie<3

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