Love, Love, Love!

My Mom got married, to the man of her dreams!

My mom and I have deffinantly been through a lot I Love her so much and I am truly Happyy for her!


Miss me..

Oh blogging, something I enjoy, something I would do for hours just sitting and typing out the thing's I've done and how I'm feeling. A world where people always stop by with a sweet comment to let  you know someone is there listening to what you have to say. I feel guilty when i don't write, i sit and read what everyone else is up to, sometimes i forget to leave comments..Or i might not even get on the computer that day because i am swamped with homework or practicing a new cheer. Life has certainly gotten busier.
Who would think Junior year was this difficult?!

In my last post i mentioned i was starting back school, that was what a MONTH ago. Well since school has started alot has changed and there is lots to talk about.. first off Iv'e started dating again.. All the blogs i follow they are all in long term relationships going on year anniverseries..It seems like i may never be so lucky. This guys name is Devan, he is very sweet!
Me and Devan go bak, I live in a small town so everyone knows just about everyone! He moved here 2 years ago from Lasvegas we'e been really good friends and he has watched me go through relationships and he's  been there for me after i've had many heart breaks. This summer he Finally told me how he felt! So we've made our friendship more than just a friendship! :) Im very happy with how things have worked out.

Love, Taylor

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