The week of all weeks!

Ha ha, What an exaggeration that is. Homecoming week has interrupted the halls of my small town high school!
This is when we come to school and dress up regarding school spirit!
Monday: We had class color day, oh my was that a sight Green people, and blue people walked the halls! lol Our juniors and sophomores that is.
Tuesday: Was pajama day, possibly the easiest day of all i literally rolled outta bed fixed my hair then left for breakfast with Sis Melissa!
Wednesday:See you at the pole day it is our theme day because our float theme is Disney movies! I'm so excited to see the costumes, I'm going to be snow white it's a very creative outfit if i say so myself!
Thursday: Is Celebrity day, ya see we have this day almost every year I'm almost running outta ideas here :p But what i have planned will be a surprise to many! I'll also be stopping by my pastors house for some pancakes with my unknown identity! Hahaha We also have a cross country meet in Psj This night. Wish us luck!
Friday!: Now this is it SPIRIT day! This is the last day of our homecoming week it seems like it went by so fast! We'll be dressing up in our school colors ready for our team to play another local team, and hopefully win! There will also be a parade and a ceremony before the game for the crowning of our homecoming King and Queen!
So, this is my hectic week! It's loads of fun, and ill remember it forever. Pictures will be up when it's finally over, I'm lucky i could update you guys even just a little bit.



Oh my!

Busy,Busy,Busy! I have to admit it's a sad day when you wear your shirt that says "I'm busy read my blog" but you're actually too busy to update your blog! I might admit i have overwhelmed myself with things to do, and the promises i've made. Ok so i promise you guys a good update!

Lately i've been swamped with things like, I am Vice president of my highschools Florida christian Athletes, Historian for S.W.A.T (Students working against tobacco), Sga Representative, Cc Runner, Assistant Cheerleading coach for the teeny mites, Guitar player in my youth worship band. Still i have to keep my grades up and like every teenager i have chores!
It's extremely hard to balance these things but i'm doing it with god and not by myself!!
I realized this is something you have to know! You can't go against this world alone it's truely a battle field and everyday i'm carrying my bible everywhere i go, It's a challenge i found and introduced to my youth group! It's inspireing to me, to know i have the shield of righteousness with me everywhere i go, and after i read it good enough i will have it with me in my heart still, god has supplied us with the right stuff we just have to use it the right way.
Everything was so much easier this summer, i will finally rest again. Promise.

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