December is here!
We have 25 days of Christmas, I stopped at our local Family Dollar store today bought candy canes,santa hats, and some other fun little things for my siblings stocking.After church i drove my siblings around our neighborhood to admire the new Christmas light everyone has put up.
I hope everyone is in holiday mode!
All pictures from We <3 it!

I'm so glad it's holiday season!

Xo Taylor


Gift ideas for the family.

Hey you guys,
If ya read my last post you know I'm planning on being "Santa" this year and I'm working with a low budget, but who isn't this year? So, I thought it called for a post on cheap gift ideas.

For your Parents
1) Get the a cute gift certificate that says "One free babysitting" So they can go to on date! You can easily make this on your word processor on your computer.

 For your sister

2) Your little or big sister will love getting a necklace that shows your proud to be their sister. You can make these necklaces with the charms and chains at hobby lobby.

For your brother (The sports fan)
3) Get him a shirt with his favorite sports team on it, of course it's cliche but it will be a gift he'll always use and treasure,

Hope i helped you out,and i know what I'm giving my family.
Have you picked out anything?!

xo TaylorMarie


Call me Ms. Santa!

Hey you guys!
If you read my blog frequently you know I am the Oldest sister of four!
Yes, Sometimes i can be extemely stressed out and  wanna pull my hair out, but
other times i'm glad to be the one they look up to, and can lead them in the right direction or the best direction as best as I can.
The Christmas Spirit has hit me HARD this year, I have never wanted to buy Christmas gifts as much as this year. I was a very lucky child I got everything I wanted  when I was little..I thought Santa was reading my mind ;) or possibly watching my face when i seen a product on tv or maybe he was pushing the cart while i gazed at certain toys in the stores. lol I remember when I found out the true story about Santa, I was 10 years old and I actually walked into the living room and caught my parents putting presents under the tree (I was hoping it was Santa) Guess that's what happens when you're extremely curious..I wasn't upset or anything i walked right back into my bedroom and i was really understanding of the situation, I must've been one wise 10 year old, heehee!

Now, Why is this post titled "Call me Ms. Santa"?!
That's because this year is going to be a tight Christmas and by tight i mean budget wise not "Tight!" as in "Awesome"..Well I intend on making it the best christmas ever! I offered to help mom with the budget, I have coupons (Anybody watched *Extreme Couponing?*) and i have a good eye for good deals. I have four younger siblings to get awesome presents for.
I'm sure I can do this!

P.S Welcome New followers! <3
#Fingers crossed
XoTaylor Marie


Collages,Eggnog, Pedicures, and my first entrance to a Giveaway!

Most of my classmates go out every day spend tons of money shopping, or some travel out of town on cruises because there parents just have tons to spend.  I however make the most out of what I do at home, and going to town finding fun for cheap.

This is what i do for fun....
I found this site that you can use your web cam to make Photo Collages! I had loads of fun with it Thanksgiving night after eating tons of fun.
Going shopping and then treating yourself to a pedicure that makes you feel like a million dollars for only
25 dollars!

Riding around singing Christmas carols and drinking eggnog with your little sister! :)

And of course..

Entering a giveaway for SavvySpice, a stylist living in SF, she's getting awesome deals at H&M and wants to share them with us! Go ahead enter the Give away!

xoxox Taylor Marie <3


Taylor wants #2 Christmas edition

  1. This varsity sweater from Target.com online only, I plan on getting my school letter to sew on it, this way i wont have a HUGE bulky jacket in florida.
  2. Sparkle shoes! They're seriously really popular right now, i mean the sperrys are pricey but they have sparkly converse,toms, even my hope shoes have a sparkly pair.. I'd love some of these santa!
  3. A black Pea coat, I've been dieing to get my hands on one of these.. No it doesnt go with our 75 degree weather here in Florida but they're so adorable! (Devan has hinted around about getting this one)
  4. A "T" Necklace! (optional for my Birthday, which is Jan. 8th)

Hey you guys!
I went black friday shopping today and totally got excited for christmas, thought i'd come on here and make my christmas list in hopes santa would stop by and check it out ;)

xoxox Taylor Marie


Give Thanks.. and my 100th post edition!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Today and Everyday I'm thankful for this amazing family God has given me, of course there are dis agreements but i know that i will always be able to count on them.

I am also thankful for:

  • This awesome blog, I've posted 100 post finally and I'm so excited every day to post again! I love all the special comments, the followers, and the people who give the best advice on their own blogs.

  • An awesome God whom I serve
  • A wonderful Boyfriend
  • Awesome Friends

xoxox-Taylor Marie


Rockin around the Christmas tree, Before thanksgiving?

Hello all!
Yes, I'm certainly in the Christmas mood.
Thanksgiving is a great holiday, i mean who doesn't just love food?! Ha ha. I however don't feel the need to eat so much food, since I'm trying to stay in some sort of shape beside "Round" lol
 We put our Christmas Tree up already this week and carols fill my house!
Mom has us stop and pose while we put up an ornament!
(Silly Woman)

My little sisters getting creative!

Anyways we're officially out of school for Thanksgiving break, which is only a few days.
 But isn't everyone excited for Black Friday deals?!
Ohh, I can't wait!

<333, TaylorMarie


A Book, and A cold.

Hello Fellow bloggers!

How has everyone been lately? I've been a bit I guess you could call it "Under the weather". 
Florida has been playing games with me, Thursday it was near 80 degrees and last night we hit the 30's just in time for our Football regional playoffs Great *sigh* I cheered my heart out, but sadly our team lost. It has been almost 15 years since our school has been to regional playoffs, so i couldn't be more proud of the team and their accomplishment.

Today i sit and drink coffee while i read a book i've suddenly fallen in love with it's called..

"Breakfast at Bloomingdales"
 By: Kristen Kemp
It tells a story about a 17 year old girl with big dreams of being a fashion designer, when she loses her grandmother she decides to make their dream come true by making a a clothing line called "Breakfast" and have it sold at BloomingDales in NewYork city.
 I recommend that every teenage girl should read it, because it gives advice  that you should never give up on what you wanna do.

It's truely an inspiring story!

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly."
-Lanston Hughes 



Waiting For Rain

Shirt:American Eagle
Jeans:Charlotte rouse
Shoes:Sperry from shoe dpt.

Hi all!
I just wanna add I have no interest in a "fashion blog" I have interest in a confidence boost and lately that's what I need. I have little part of my body that I'm always picking at and when i take pictures of myself i can just look at them and examine them and see the beauty within that i have such a hard time seeing in the mirror. Fashion is an everyday thing for many people but not me so much. I love to blog and i love the sweet comments I hope to meet even more people daily!

Bloggers are great <3

There's a bad storm here in Florida and since today was my only chance of getting any pictures done(I have cheer practice every other day) I had to race before the weather turned bad. Which right now it's roaring.
Please pray that the weather wont injure anymore then it has.

xoxox TaylorMarie


Life's A Journey, Not A Destination

Dress:Wet seal
Knee Socks:Moms

My sister.
Scarf: American Eagle
Boots:Wal Mart

Hello Followers, How has everyone been on this lovely Monday? I know Mondays are such a drag especially if you're headed to school or work after enjoying a weekend off. Even though I didn't have the best weekend.. you can refer to Yesterdays Post to read all about it.
Not much has changed though, still just watching and waiting.
 Me and my sister did a little photo shoot together and this was
 just what I needed to bring in the new week I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!
With much Love, TaylorMarie


Anger(Picture Challenge)

 I'm wearing a Camoflauge jacket because today was Camo Sunday (Original) at my Small hometown church.
Of course it's because hunting season has kicked off.
 Camo Jacket: Bought at Salvation Army for bootcamp Vbs a few years back.
Black Tank: Charlotte rouse
LEI Jeans: Walmart :)

Day 4: A mad face.

Usually being angry isn't me, So I waited for the right time to do this post.
You might ask, what would make it the right time?
Yesterday, Everything was planned it was gonna be a double date. Me,Devan and our two best friends who happen to be a couple were gonna go see a movie and eat dinner together. Well, My dad hit Devan's Grandfathers car before we even got the chance to leave..Making it a horrible day for all of us. 
I was filled with two emotions, sad, and mad!
His grandfather was extremely mad, Devan couldn't go out with us.
He cried, I cried.I'd say his grandfather is one of the strictest men i have met.
Keep this situation in your prayers please!


P.S: This is my first try on taking photos with an actual camera..
I usually use my cell phone.


An awesome review!

My pictures don't have to be directly back to back, do they? I wanted to take a break and write a post about what's going on and about how i found an expensive pair of jeans for only 5 dollars in the best condition!

First off, I'm sorry i let the challenge slip away yesterday and today MAJOR props to those who actually post pictures everyday of outfits and whatever else it is they find interest in.

Anyways, Yesterday was Friday so for me it was Friday night lights the last game of the actual football season. It's not completely over because we have playoffs still next week which will determine if we go to the state championships or not (Fingers Crossed!).

OK, now the pants.. Anyone heard of Vigoss Jeans? They can usually run between $50-$70! They're sized for your perfect fit and they make you look extremely slim. Last week I had set out to find a good pair of jeans at a thrift shop just to prove a point I had made with a fellow student that everything good looking does not have to come straight from a designer store right off the mannequin.
As I was searching through the women's jeans(- because i had set a goal $20 a complete outfit and i had everything except the jeans-) i was looking for something cheap. I seen these jeans that stood out with a size "29" I instantly thought oh these are men jeans! but they had a curvy appeal..

These are Vigoss Jeans:

Cute right?!
 I suggest everyone buys a pair!


Sad Face.

Day3: A sad face!

 Tada! This is my (but not really mine) Sad face.
You see, I have this problem with cameras..If i get in front of a camera i just put on the biggest cheesiest grin of all time, so that didn't do me any good with a "sad face" picture! Hahaha.
This is my replacement thanks to We <3 it! great website.

So, How was everyone's day?!
Mine was pretty great i finished the two test i had today with confidence that I did good,which is surprising because i stressed so much last night thinking they would be unbelievably hard.
Isn't that funny how we look at small things as BIG or overwhelming and then we realize they're nothing?
Maybe that's what I need to start doing when i over react, just take a step back and think about how it will all play out in the end.

""The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
-Albert Einstein


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