Relationship status.

On facebook you can be Single, In a relationship, engaged, married, or "It's complicated" You see my pastor preached not too long ago about showing your relationship with god and it got me thinking, do i show that im "In a relatioonship" with him? Oh but believe me it took me long enough because i've written this blog and shown everyone who is interested who my number one is. Now this blog most def has a twist, i am a young teenage girl in a small town where at times you can feel so alone, finding a guy is extremely hard because there are so many guys that are wrong for me and that might not accept my boundries, my goals. And im young so i have dreams and i felt lost sometimes. I thought i dont need a boyfriend, i need a Best friend. This summer i started off with a boyfriend, at the forward conference i realized i didn't need to make any commitments because my new relationship with god had just begun, so we ended it. We became pretty much best friends, he was my goodmorning text and goodnight call everyday, i told him pretty everything i went through and he was my best friend, (sorry Tara) . Eventually i came to realize that my heart was right where it needed to be and i knew he could accept my boundries and beliefs. He has also gotten closer to god and it warms my heart. So i've changed my relationship status and leaving it in gods hands now, and i ask for him to lead us with strong hands into the right direction.

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