Blown Away!

Hurricane Isaac has slowly approached my small town, in Florida we've watched it for several days at it just got bigger and bigger. It is now in the Gulf Of Mexico as we speak making it's way toward Alabama, and Louisiana (Pray for them they really don't need any flooding). With the Hurricane coming our way they have cancelled school tomorrow, Hurricane season is like snow in the north! Ha ha.
So I found my Camera! Thank God!
I snapped a few pictures while i was walking my dog around in the yard before we needed to go back inside.

Between the trees you see the clouds, they are moving crazy fast right now!

My poor Great Dane, is scared of storms..He feels it coming.
Here I am, posing in my no makeup T-shirt kinda pose. This storm needs no impressing.. Even though my parents have done some serious house cleaning this weekend. Hahaha
Welcoming a guest i reckon?
We also are having a bunch of Mosquitoes here in Florida, I hope this storm blows them away! West Nile cases are very popular now in our area, we have been doing anything and everything to protect ourselves from it!
I'll blog when we make it out alive ;)


Two weeks down.

Senior Year.
A school year I have waited 13 years for, something i expected to be amazing!
Sadly, So far I have noticed how mistaken I was.. The pressure to fit in sinks hard when you have to try harder to be different, when the ratio changes..there are even more people doing what you want to do, but know is wrong.
I want to make memories too! I want to actually remember them though.. I feel alone sometimes sitting in class when all everyone does is say "You don't even know what we're talking about!" when you try to enter the conversation..
I'm a cheerleader, I thought we always fit in?
 I wish i were kinder, sometimes i come off extremely rude sometimes with my sense of humor and what i define as "Joking". I pray God will guide me the right way, show me who to be and how to act with people.
I feel like I forgot, or maybe the game changed?
 I just don't wanna be alone in High school.
 I want to have friends to talk to and to make weekend plans with.


Saturday Spotlight

Don't we all just have a connection with our youngest sibling? <3 p="p">
I am incredibly thankful for this awesome little man, he has a huge heart and Loves God more than anything!



Pinterest:Must Try Hair.

With the first week of school under my belt I'm pretty confident with the way i styled my hair, making it different each day!
Anyways, I have certainly become a Pinterest freak.
First step is admitting,right? Ha ha.
So here are a few hairstyles i have been wanting to try this year, and one's i have already tried.
^^ I'm known for my side braid! It's super easy to fall back on when you have limited time to get ready after sleeping in (Like i did wed!)

I have NOT done this yet, but look how adorable it is! I really wanna try this..

We all love fishtail braids. but what about a french fish tail braid? It looks gorgeous!

I did this for open house! :) It's very simple.

This is for lazy days,I will surely be falling back on this some days.

Beautiful curls,wish mine would cooperate!

<3 all="all" just="just" lovely="lovely" p="p" re="re" they="they">

If you try these out, let me out! :)


Senior days..

I wish so badly i could post more interesting stories and pictures for you all, I Promise..One day!
Okay so I have started Senior year this week and my how things are different!! The halls are insanely packed with freshmen (Possibly the biggest group I've seen) and the class rooms are all switched around. I have an amazing time talking in classes with friends. I feel like my senior schedule will be rather easy this year.
I already have homework today!(Math, My enemy)
If my phone were any better quality i would have pictures like crazy! I'm thinking about investing in an IPhone for the future.. when i have my own bills and such :)
Well here's a picture from foodprep today, nothing fancyy!


Xoxo, Taylor



I was blessed/cursed with some crazy curly hair..
 If i take a shower before going to sleep and my hair is wet.. I wake up to "POOF" and this is what happens, i walk into the kitchen where my family will just stare at me..as if they have seen a ghost because my hair is like i said before crazy!
Taking showers in the morning means going almost all day with damp hair because it takes forever to dry..not only that but i can't stop touching it, making my curls flat in some parts but perfect in others.
See my dilemma?!
I took some weird web cam photos to show you how this works. Today i took my shower before leaving the house.. ^^ one springy curl.

^^Semi flat curls!

Here i took my glasses off so you can take me less seriously ;)
^^Holding a "Half springy" curl.

I'm looking for new ways to style my hair, new types of hair cuts possibly?
P.s You might be wondering -Why not just straighten it?!-Please note:I try to stay away from straightening it so i can keep getting length :)
Lovely Locks is what i crave!

X<3o p="p">


Back In Florida!

Hello There!
Man have i been busy the past few weeks..
My Church held VBS the week before last it was tons of fun and my team won ;) Ofcourse!
It was great seeing God touch many lives of younger kids.
My Youth Pastor and his Wife also added an addition to there beautiful family Olive, a Beautiful baby girl. Before i knew it my family was off to Texas as you could read in my last post it was so much fun we went to the Houston Zoo, a few museums and i seen Dinosaurs and other cool stuff. Can't forget going to the Nasa space center of Houston ya know, "Houston we have a problem!" :p The drive there and back was so much fun, we stopped in New Orleans and i had some amazing gumbo! I will deffinantly re visit that place. This week has been all about preparing for my Senior year with reading the bible and buying school supplies. I went crazy school clothes shopping on my trip and i can't wait to share my outfits with you guys :)
I'm super nervous about senior year too, i don't know how this is going to go.

Here are some Inst. photos from the trip :)

Oil drill in Louisiana!
Packed up, i wonder who's bright pink bag is on top? :)

Mi Familia!

Galveston Bay

 And of course a funny road trip picture with my youngest brother :)



I'm in Houston right now on a Family Vacation!
It has been so much fun, and so HOT i thought Florida was hot..
This weather is insane!
I've noticed the weather back home isn't to "Sun shiney" rain has taken over with thunder and lightning! I Just am worried for my poor doggy who is outside while we're away...

I will post pictures of our trips to the ZOO, Aquarium, Two Museums, and to the Houston space center when i get back home! It has been so exciting, plus tomorrow i;m going to Forever 21 :)
A HUGE one too!


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