Happy Easter:)

I am thankful for having such an amazing mom

who has helped me with so much!

Today has been a tremendous day! I went to an amazing church service and now spending time with my Best Friend who currently lives in South Carolina very far from me :( God has truely blessed me this year and i know i wouldn't be anywhere without him!



This is the stuff.

Well, 2nd place districts champs :)

Alot of hard work pays off, regionals this Thursday! Here we go!

The past few weeks have been tough you guys but i'm making it, being very busy really has great rewards.



What a fabulous life!

Hi all,

I just wanted to post a few pictures, and say i had an amazing night, with amazing friends and Jeremy is an amazing Boyfriend!





I did it, from elementary school to my Freshmen year of Highschool i have been a Cheerleader!

For my Sophomore year i decided hey let's do something different, i chose to RUN I mean, Who does that? Who chooses to Run three miles a day? haha, i definantly have changed.. but decided today to go back to my old habits, and cheer! The Varsity tryouts were this weekend and i reluctantly decided to cheer and here i am a Varsity Cheerleader!


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