Im making a blog New years resolution!
In the next year i hope to...

>Inspire someone-I wanna say something encourageing or just make a post where somone is touched by it!

>Get a bloggers Award - I'm writing this blog because one day i hope i can turn to it and say, " Wow i've been writing since i was 15" and possibly show this to colleges

>Meet New people- Get comments from random people that will just make me smile!

Hey there!
Ok so that's it. Short right?
I just wanna continue to write because that's something i love to do, starting this Blog may be the best thing i've ever done. Reading what others have to say has inspired me to go out and reach for the things i want the most! "Nobody can tell me the sky's the limit when there are foot prints on the moon!" and this is how i feel!


Out and about!

Christmas break; Already i have done just what i enjoy hang out with friends and sleeping in! Doesn't get much better, well in the summer we have the opportunity of going to the beach lol which is in a 30 mile radius of my house! Ok so Florida is doing us well it's still freezing but we aren't waist deep in snow so that allows us to go out! Me and my Best friend Tara spent the morning and afternoon being a tad bit lazy around the house.

As you can tell, We just had loads of fun!
Then Later in the day i made plans to go on a nature trail at the local state park with a very close friend of mine who lives in the town of AuburnDale she comes down to visit my youth group and from that we developed a close friendship! So here are pictures from our Adventure.

Trees in Florida are Gorgeouss!

The actual Trail :p

She was trying to focus on an ant with her teeny camera.
The Lake!

Me sitting on the Dock, by the Lake.

So i am having an amazing time with my friends. There will be more adventures god has in store for me, no doubt!


Live it up. (Please, and Thank you)

In Florida isn't it supposed to be the "Sunshine State"?
I haven't seen the hott sun in days, it makes me so sad. I say i wanna leave but i'm absolutely positive i would miss it! But today in our cold sunny state me and a close friend went out and had some fun in her awesome blue car! I only caught a few photo's so here they are!

We started our day with pictures in a photo booth!

We went to the Movies! Watched "Life as We know it" with Katherine Heigl.. AMAZING

Though we went to Panama City, to go shopping we came back with only few items, me with my cute shirts from my favorite store Charlotte Rouse, and new Ugg Boots, While Halley got Jeans from Aero and a cute top from Wetseal. Now we're in my room eating Junk food and drinking some welch's sparkling:) Life doesn't get much better at 16!



What i would give to believe in Santa.

It's Christmas in my house today and the opening of presents left by "Santa" started at 7:00a.m! Could you just imagine how upset a Teenager would be that on her break she has to get up so earlyy?? Needless to say i was not a happy camper! Exhausted as i was with all four of my siblings pulling at my covers to wake me i finally got up and walked into the living room, after only a few minutes from one end to the other my living room was covered with wrapping paper! I was so tired i didnt even have time to admire my gifts! I went straight back to bed after unwrapping presents and then slept as long as my parents allowed me too! Once i was fully awake i started messing around with my new electronic, and gifts. Thinking god truely has blessed me today! I didnt even realize how happy my Brothers and Sisters were! They had worked really hard to be good recently because they knew Santa was watching! Oh what i would give to be Nine Years old again just so i could believe in Santa!
MerryChristmas all!



Oh Look Taylor Posted something!

The Holiday season is here and i finally have this break i've been dieing for! Im sure My youth pastors wife is just estactic that i'm actually makeing a post. Being a teen is soo not easy, I don't care what anyone has to say. When everyone was settting up there trees and going christmas shopping i was stuck at school preparing myself for the wonderful world of exams, oh joy! Dont you remember those pesky little parts of life? I have yet to "understand" them. On top of exams there were book reprts and research papers do. Could they make it any easier? So now, i have a new laptop as an early christmas gift, i plan to use this invention for my blog so i can keep it updated, if not daily but maybe weekly. Things are going oh so well for me, besides the little fright of my Grandmother being in the hospital (Keep her in your prayers) she seems to be ok, but knowing she has people pray for her will help her through the night. Well this is really all i can say for now, goodnight all. I will return. Pinky promise.


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