Oh, Right I have a blog! Oh I lose track of this beautiful thing too many times and I KNOW the key to a great blog is keeping up with it, and other Bloggers! Silly me, Being busy with Cheer leading,Track,Church, Boyfriend, School work, Club activities, and Prom (Since ours is March 31st).
So, To start off Track has officially started and Cheering is coming to a slow end, I'm oddly relieved about it too. My Church has been to a Rally, and we started a new Bible Study group called "Fire discipleship" It's amazing, I am already feeling closer to God, Just by opening up my heart and mind to him. Boyfriend, well he has been quite Ah-ma zing lately with; sweet notes, random hugs, and telling me how much I mean to him on a daily bases, That makes me feel like the only girl in the world. School Work,I guarantee my grades have never looked so clean! I'm proud of my self -Pats self on back- ATI (All That Ink) A school club hosted "Literacy week" 23rd-27th whoa, was that CRAZY! and then there's Prom the 31st of March is SO early compared to usual proms and I have no dress, no hairstyle ideas.. I'm toast. I have looked and i have a feeling I know what type I want.. Mermaid, simply because years ago I was pretty chunky and now that I have this new figure :) I wanna show it off!


Just another day?

Top:Charlotte rouse
Jeans:Wet seal
Sunnies: DG
Sandals:Thrift ed
Belt:Rue 21

So My Birthday was this Sunday and my weekend of fun started Saturday night when I went out with Devan, we went to O' Charley's and then to see War Horse, and It was a good movie.. Not the best though. Anyways, I decided that for my birthday I wanted to bake. Me and my youngest sister Kerrigan went to the grocery store and I bought some cookies mix. Before we left she said "Taylor let me take your picture!"
^^^^^^^Pictured above^^^^^^^^^
 So she did, and I'd say a pretty good job, Right? I have kinda started the hobby of snapping photos of people where ever I go- (Which I have lots for the blog!) -I believe she is picking up my little hobby!

So these are my baked goodies!

Mmmm, My yummy cookies and Pizza I made!
I agree It is very odd, usually people wanna be served on there birthday, or maybe they just want gifts. But you gotta remember your birthday is a day to be thankful for another year god has given you. Embrace in talents you have, try something new, but don't sit around waiting for something special to happen because having a birthday wish when you blow out the candles isn't the only thing you can look forward to.

XoXo, TaylorMarie



Top:Charlotte rouse
Jean: Wetseal
Scarf: American Eagle
Boots: Kmart
Tomorrow I will be seventeen years old!
Ahh I'm so excited!!
I know being older isn't something everyone looks forward to, but I do every year. Getting old rmeans coming closer to my dreams and being who I wanna be! I thank God for every day I get to wake up and live the life I live. 
 Tonight My boyfriend is taking me out for a birthday dinner :) 
 Tomorrow it's cake, and presents and church!

XoXo, Taylor


Laying it all out

^^Like how I switched my glasses^^

Dress and shoes:Thrifted

Hello All!
So today I literally just got dressed up for nothing, I guess this means I'm ready for school to come back so I have a reason to get dressed and go. I am not looking forward to the school work, or numerous basketball games i still have to cheer at. Oh and did I mention Track is starting back?? Oh boy i need to get back in shape..

Okay, so does everyone like my new title?! I love this picture of me, My little sister took this!
Amazing right?

The reason i titled my post "Lay it all out" would be because I wanna let you guys get to know me a bit better.

Hi My name is Taylor,
I started this blog when I was 15 years old and I will be 17 January 8th.
I am a Cheerleader, a Track runner, and a Strong Christian :)
I am the oldest sister of FIVE.
2 half brothers,1 half sister, and 1 step sister
I consider them all brothers and sisters though.
I love to write, I hope to be a journalist when I get older and that would explain why at 15 I wanted to start a blog and just write.

I hope you guys enjoy getting to know small things about me!



Be happy with being, You!

Another day of taking pictures of myself with my web cam, simply because my day was so eventful.. I didn't even get to take pictures. I do have to admit I love taking pictures of myself every now and then..
 I sometimes lose myself in looking at images of models, and actress's. it makes me wanna be skinnier, prettier I look in the mirror and don't see the positive parts all I see is every flaw..
I have things around my room saying "Remember, you are Beautiful!" It's for me and my sisters, so that when we walk out of our room we remember we are Beautiful.
There's a tip:

Remind yourself you are Beautiful!




 When you think of the best love stories they all have hand written letters in them, correct?
I sometimes wonder, what ever happened to that romance.. when i guy was willing to spend all his time writing to the love of his life. When they would chase down boats,cars, trains, and airplanes to stop them from leaving their lives. Flowers, and chocolates were the best gifts. Not Ipads or cool phones.
I love my electronics don't get me wrong, i probably wouldn't do well without them, the sweetest thing a guy has done for me was send me a good morning text every morning and a goodnight one every night.
I love watching movies like Dear John, The Notebook or even The Titanic.. Just so i can watch love in it's rarest form.
So, do you ever look at your significant other and wonder if you too would even be together if it weren't for the ways we communicate today?
I am grateful for the way things have changed ,don't get me wrong, because I know I probably wouldn't be where I am today or who I am today.

With much love, Taylor


Happy New Year!

2011 went by so fast!
I looked back on everything i did this year and i certainly keep growing up more and more every day, and I can see myself become a different person. I'm thankful for this blog and being able to write out my feelings,and just to talk about my life experiences. I have also met many wonderful people from blogging in 2011, I hope to meet many more in 2012! <3

With much Love, Taylor

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