Taylor the Baker!

Hey Loves, Today my power went out for a good three hours, it was pretty bad considering there is so much humidity here in Florida. My family and i started playing Monopoly just to get our mind off of the heat that was making my hair frizz and each of us ill.
Needless to say around 3 o'clock our power was turned back on! Happy Taylor. Ha ha
I started looking around in our cabinets to see what i could get myself into and i thought
"Hmm lets find something to bake.. "
This is what I made, I'm sure you're like "Cereal Taylor, really?" Nope i actually made muffins! Cinnamon Toast Crunch Muffins to be exact.
Here's my take on them.
1) They were SUPER easy to make! All it took was some vegetable oil and 2 eggs.
2)They taste EXACTLY like the cereal. One small glass of milk and a muffin would make an awesome breakfast to start your day.
Betty Crocker also has different flavors.
Childhood breakfast foods are now a lot more filling.
Now after the muffins were baked and the day was coming to an end, i am sitting here with my little brother watching the Muppet's Movie, Oh how we love Kermit the frog!


Dear Grandma,

My very sweet Grandmother has been in the Hospital since July, she went in on a Thursday evening not sure what the exact date was but it was because she had fallen and couldn't get up. They found out she had broke her hip. Needing hip replacement surgery , while recovering from the surgery she was diagnosed with pneumonia which is a terrible version of the cold and even worse on elderly people. I prayed that she would fight off this sickness and she did and then they have found many infections start to take over her body. My heart aches as i can't even imagine the pain she feels, she hasn't even had time to recover from her hip replacement and now all of this. She is not in a medical coma, where they used medicine to put her to sleep and are hoping to fight off the infections. It has been so long since I've heard her voice and i truly miss her.



Friday Night Football is back in gear in my small town, and that mean loud crowds for me to cheer to!
I Love it, we're off to a rough patch we're 0-1 but that's no big deal we can catch up just like we did last year when we went to regional play offs!
I thought I'd share some pictures of my nights with you!
It's been a lot of fun!
#1(On top) This is all the football players and cheerleaders in front of the new scoreboard we just got this year! Small town moving up.
#2 (Left) This is a picture of the rival squads in my county.. yes we had to be friendly to each other for two days!
The rest of the pictures are self explaining, just cheerleaders having fun!
Enjoy this collage? make one yourself on Pic Monkey :)

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