Happy fourth weekend!

So, Let me start with saying Happy 4th of July to all, I hope everyone enjoys fun in the sun and sparks literally flyiing all around! So my fourth of July weekend has been better than i expected though my summer started off rocky im glad to say god has changed it in many amazing ways. So now i will tell you just how my weekend started off! Saturday morning my youth group decided to have a mega slippin slide get together! It sounds great rigiht? Oh it was and now i have bruises to prove i had fun! Then last night a few of us gathered at a members house to watch the fireworks from our small town gathering at a park called Tl James. Now today my family plus my best friend Tara are going to the beach to watch fireworks from three different locations in one place. Talk about an amazing weekend. Here are a few pictures to prove my fun!

All and all this weekend has been something i can look back on and have not one regret. God has given me an amazing group of friends and an amazing family. Roman 22 states "This righteousness from god comes through faith in jesus christ to all who believe."

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