I'm moving Forward!


This weekend i was blessed with the opportunity to be apart of a youth convention in Atlanta, Georgia. I watched God do some AMAZING things to youth from all over, there were over 12,000 who came to learn the love of God. I know i learned so much!

I can"t wait to see what else God has in store!

He is so amazing.


Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us

Hebrews 12:1


I just dont wanna go back.(The me I'm afraid of)




Looking back on these images makes me sick.. I was unhealthy..Eating my feelings and letting myself go!

How could i do that?

What would've drove me to forget about myself?

A guy.

When people "Fall in love" You eventually let yourself get completely "comfortable" with this person and you are content.. you quit trying to impress them and you just act like yourself and just stop caring...Actually no, People don't normally do that. I did that!

I thought oh whatever he will "Always" Love me..Because that's what he said, right? No, wrong! I never even realized i was slipping into the FAT! Until after everything i thought was "Mine Forever" was gone..Just like that.. He moved on a month later with a Tall,Skinny,Blondie. Figures right? Everything I'm not..Short, Brown,and fat. I have never forgave myself for getting so tied up in a guy at 15.. Have you ever heard the song "Fifteen By: Taylor Swift?" She mentions how she just didn't know any better at fifteen and of course i didn't know any better but i still hate myself for it.. I didn't just hurt my heart but my pride, Confidence, and now pictures are painful memories of what i let myself get to. Maybe that's why i have problems being in relationships now? I'm scared to let myself go.. I afraid of myself.

I don't wanna be Fat. I went to the beach and took pictures with my friend..I feel like I'm getting fat again..I will literally force myself to not eat two meals for that. "I don't deserve food if I'm fat." is what I'll tell myself..Even though i know that's worse than being overweight..but its all mental.. I just wanna Be Tall,Skinny, and Beautiful.


"You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you." Songs 4:7

God loves us for who we are, with or without makeup, best dressed, or in pj's!

These are things i struggle with, I always wanna look "pretty" but who am i to say I'm not? I find myself daily looking in a mirror pointing out flaws...Maybe i should stop and say "Wow, you have a great smile!" Or " Your curls are beautiful!" But i may never do that. Confidence is rare for me, I've never really had it to be honest. I've learned that what is on the outside doesn't matter, if you have god in your heart and do things with him in mind you will benefit physically and mentally. Hvaing god on my side has helped encourage me daily to do the things i wanna and need to do in my life. I hope everyone else has god on there side :)

With love, TaylorMarie



Hello There! Ever since last spring when i was "Heart broken" Ive always been trying to find an answer to make me happy. I would jump into different relationships, and every time eventually getting hurt or hurting someone.I realize all this is doing is making me "Practice for divorce" and dating is supposed to lead to Marriage not heart break..So I'm reading the book you See above! This book is written by a married couple who have both been through there teen years of Dating and they are trying to help us (Teens) by making sure we know what we are doing and know how to handle it.
It is full of inspiring bible versus and already has laid changes on my heart. I advise anyone looking into a relationship to read this book.


The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this. ~Mark Twain

Hello There!

Oh boy, It's that time.. Mom insisted i go through my closet because i have to agree it was pretty packed out with clothes I've admired and only wished i would wear them! But lately I've been inspired to just be yourself and i know my small town doesn't really notice you unless you've done something tremendous to stand out! I've slowly been progressing into someone with more confidence, I wish you all could really just know my progression!

The closet was an epic fail, i guess the only good thing i did was switch things into my dresser..and move everything around considering i have a dresser, Closet, and FIVE plastic bins filled with all my clothes and i probably wear only 2/3 of everything i own!

Good luck to anyone else who has to clean out and Organize over their Summer Vacation!

-Taylor Marie<3


According to life!

Dogs are the happiest creatures I've known!

I've been down in the dumps and beating myself up lately, but i know i can always count on my dog to make me happy when i come home! :)

Mans best friend? I don't think so!

Hope all is well!

-Taylor Marie<3


To: All you heartbreakers out there!

Love, a word I've used in the worst situations. Love, A word i honestly don't even know the true feeling or meaning of. Love, something so precious it can break hearts.

This word is so precious and i can tell you that i will from now on only use this word when referring to God or My Family! I've cried because I've lost love, and cried because i threw it away. Why do this to yourself constantly?

Needless to say, i have ended things with a guy who has been here for me for the longest time, we have been miles apart it seems when we're sitting next to each other.

And now i can't help but wonder, did i throw away Love?

How do i even know? I'm SIXTEEN! I can not stress that enough why am i even thinking about this? I have all i need, God, Friends, And My lovely Family!

So, Lets NOT throw this word around ever again. Lets think before we speak, before we

"fall in love" Even if i can't go back and take away his pain, because i would if i could..I don't want anyone else going through this part of life.

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