Summer vacation, ending in 4days.

It's true,
I'm going to the beach as much as i can before i am stuck in a class room on such beautiful days!
Tomorrow I'll be waking up and hitting the beach for a few hours with my Sister and Dear friend Allison, then i will get back just in time to put on my Cheer uniform and go get pictures taken for the 2011 Football program, around 5 pm i will have my Junior year orientation at my School we get to see what all the teachers have done to there classes and meet up with friends we haven't seen over the summer, even though it feels like we just left that place for summer break! Once i get back into High school i doubt I'll be blogging as much, I plan on Running Cross Country and Cheering so it's going to be a tough balance between sports and my Homework. Pray for me! I also want to stay close to God, it always gets so much harder when school starts!
This blog has become almost like an escape from the real world on some days, i really hope i can continue to blog.



School starts when?

 Playing around with my WebCamm, on another rainy day!
 Monday i will be walking the halls of my Highschool as a JUNIOR!
I'm filled with excitement, and  fear.
All kinds of emotions.
Any advice?




The sun on my face,
the sand in my toes,
makes any day a delight.

Hunting for seashells,
and surfing the waves,
makes everything seem alright

Building a castle,
fit for a king,
makes all my dreams within reach.

Wearing my shades
and getting a tan,
makes a great day at the Beach.
Author Unknown

Hello, I had myself a lovely day at the beach, FINALLY the sun has been out and i hit the beach as soon as i could this afternoon after a lovely church service :)

Hope all is well.



You are Beautiful, just the way you are.

Beauty is about perception, not about make-up. I think the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself. You can't put on make-up, or dress yourself, or do you hair with any sort of fun or joy if you're doing it from a position of correction. -Kevyn Aucoin

This quote has been an inspiration to me, i hope everyone else can learn from it as well.

For the next few days I'll be wandering around without any makeup on. (Gasp)
I know some people are probably saying "So what?, I never wear makeup." Well, ever since 7th grade when makeup was introduced to my class it's been something i could wear and instantly feel as if it had covered up all the negative parts of my image (I.E Zits, freckles, the fact that I'm not the tannest girl in the world) and those are what I've struggled with in my image. The other day i was watching TV and a special on  Madonna came on, I'm not usually intrigued by her, but when i was looking at her..She was white! I mean pale, and she embraced it! She also has this freckle right under her nose, as do i!
Marilyn Monroe also has this cute little freckle that as a child i was picked at because of , i actually had a kid who would put a penny under his nose and tape it there to try and show me how gross it looked,and everyday I'd go home and look in the mirror and see what i could do to cover it up.
I never realized how unique my face actually is, why would i wanna cover it up to look like somebody else?Would you guys take this challenge with me? Don't wear makeup, try to be yourself..the person God has created you to be.
Did i mention i has ladies stopping me to tell me
how pretty my eyes were yesterday? 
Numerous times did that happen.
Maybe it will help you guys with your self confidence too!




Fellow Bloggers i have a confession, My Name Is Taylor, and I am addicted to Glee!
The Drama, The stories.
Ofcourse this isn't like real Highschool nobody randomly starts singing a number that happens to go with the Awkward moment you just had when your Boyfriend checks out another girl!
I've witnessed somebody say "I will never watch that show!" then after one episode be hooked.

This is what my Summer nights have included, staying up late catching up on some Glee.
I recommend this show to all of your fabulous people..Now if you have a show you watch, continue to watch it, just add this in to your favorites, you WON'T regret it!

Maybe i should find something better to do, What do you guys do on summer nights?



No, I want Sunshine!

 The day started out Beautiful, My Family and I were packing up the car and heading to the Beach which is only 30 minutes away from My House! I was SO excited. We get there, we play around Mr.Mark (Moms Fiance) goes down to the Pier to fish like he always does and my sister and i hit the water to Swim and layout. It looks like we're about to have the time of our life like we always do at the beach, and the clouds come in from every direction they are surrounding us and my sunny day has been ruined.
 There were TWO storms closing around us, i thought we were past all the rain Florida? What's going on?
The first picture, I did some major editing to..because by the time i laid back down our pretty little sun was gone. Even though there was rain, Florida is still absolutely Beautiful!
I hope everyone else is enjoying there summer sun, while it last.
Can you believe it's August already?!
I start school in 14 days, I don't wanna go back!


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