I knew there was a reason I lived here.

Oh Florida,
Living in this place at times can be so great!
Today on January 29Th the weather was in the right place, Sun shining, and a small breeze!
I couldn't help but play outside with my dog:) We laid in the grass and then decorated the porch.. when i say we i mean (Me, Myself, and i) my Chihuahua was just there keeping me company!
Minus the small town gossip, i will always love living here.


Blog life// a sweetly sixteen

Hi all,
I've been pretty busy lately with plannign my Birthday party and it finally happened last night :), with a surprise visit from my Aunt and cousin who were so kind enough to join us from the "City" in our small town. It was a Great experience and party that i will always remember. So we played Rockband, sat by a Bonfire, and ate loads of sweets! It just doesn't get better.

P.sNow you have to understand that,
having a blog is pretty much a big responsibility, you gotta know what you're gonna post when you get to typing away at the computer. So I've made it my "Mission" to find some interesting blog topic to write about and continue writing about. It's gonna take a whole lot of Brain storming. Wish me luck as i discover what my newest hobby will be!


They call me the "BabySitter"

So, There's this family that i adore so much and i would just do anything for them because they have done so much for me and my family from the bottom of their heart! They also have three Beautiful children, which i gladly baby sit!
They're a hand full but we have soo much fun :)

The oldest, Ashton playing a different kinda board game.

Isaac, the youngest playing!

The game we played was called "PayDay" How about that! The kids had to learn about paying bills, and loans! Crazy, right?

So, All in all this was an enjoyable two days!



Little Red Jacket, on a Sunday morning!

Waking upon Sunday mornings i always have the chance to dress up, which i rarely do in this small town but after going shopping before the New Year came i found myself buying clothes i probably wouldn't wear. So here i went to my closet picking through all the new outfits and came across a little red Coat My friend Allison had given me, i just Adore this coat! So here's a quick Picture

I felt very Vintage and like a real young lady should, there's a blog i read where a girl expressed her feelings on todays fashion, and i really couldn't agree with her more, the clothes we wear now are extremely revealing, now when i say we i'm talking about the Generation because some of the clothes worn i wouldn't dare think twice about wearing, why do people think showing off what you have is attractive? Beauty is not only what the eye can see, it's what the heart is strong enough to look for.



Happy New years:)

It's officially 2011!
I hope everyone had a safe and Happy new years!
I had lots of fun, i went to Pier Park with my friends where my mother and her Boyfriend were.
Here are some pictures i got of me, and my friends just having fun (Bad quality, because they're cell phone images)

This was an interesting adventure since i'm never one to leave my house for New Years or to be in a public place like i was.
I think next year i'll stick to sitting on my coach watching the ball drop:)


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