Better Weather,

Life has it's twist and turns, lately I've been in a "Twist".
Not knowing which direction to go, or what I'm gonna do next.
I use to think i had it all figured out then my life kinda got turned around.
Hey you guys,
So lately things are looking up from my little rut i was in, i couldn't seem to do the things that needed to be done. (School work,chores, etc.) And then we had SPRING BREAK, That def helped it was the biggest relaxation moment! I wish it would've just stood still:) Trips to the Beach, walks at the park and spending lots of time with my best friend(Boyfriend) Jeremy, as you can tell from my pictures. I even got the chance to finally talk to my closest girl friend Halley again :D She had to leave from our small town because of the gossip and fights.. Things still haven't changed here, i think she was lucky to have a clean get away! But hearing from her definitely made my week.
Well, by all!
-Taylor Marie<3

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