Here I am.

I've been in love with writing for as long as I can remember, the idea of being a publisher of a local News Paper, can make me smile from ear to ear!

I got away from that this past year, I lost who I was and what really made me happy, somewhere between trying to impress people and losing who I really am. 
So, Here I am.
I'm sitting on my bedroom floor listening to music, getting prepared for my night of working and taking "Me" time. 
What makes people change? 
For me, it's my desire to please people. Every friend I've ever had I would accommodate to what THEY enjoy and I would do that because I value friendships, mainly because in the past year I realized in the simple blink of an eye everything you've ever known can change. Go ahead, read the very first post I posted.. or even the ones i posted right before i just stopped blogging because I always thought "No body cares what you have to say" and you know that might be true. I don't always post amazing pictures or have interesting stories, but I write for ME and that's all that matter. I write to better myself, to get things out when i need to vent instead of having someone be my sound board. That's what I can call this.. "My sound board!" Blogging has always been my escape. I had someone who was once so dear to me, I didn't think I could live without him.. Here I am, living. I once had friends i thought had my back over everyone else, but where did they go? I know GOD has always been here, even when I was at parties, drinking, trying to be COOL. 
My family, they're always going to be here. Even though I've had temptation to just leave them, thinking they're the ones who let me down, because I thought I wasn't getting the support I deserved.. Well guess what, they're my BIGGEST fans and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Just another love note of rambling, eventually I'll make my point.



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