In a blink

It's 2014.
I never really took the time to look over my 2013 and here we are almost into our second month of a new year.

I can say that SO MUCH HAS CHANGED!

For one, I'm in my second semester of college. I can not believe I'm already in college and participating in the studio production class, while being a part of Commodore Productions as a reporter. This means in 2013, I graduated High School, left everything I had ever known and started college. Which i didn't technically leave home, but i did start living a completely different life.

Secondly, I'm a MANAGER! I started a part time job as a cashier at my (not so local) Target. The job was something to get my mind off of all the change that was happening around me and since I'm not really good with change I knew I had to keep myself busy as a bee, and that I did.
 Six months later I'm a manager. 

Both of these big changes have done a lot of good in my life and I'm extremely blessed. 
However, this last year went by entirely too fast and I think I found a way to make a year go by slowly and that's learning new things! If you do the same things all the time, life is going to go by in a blink. But if you take your time trying to learn something new, maybe it wont go by as fast.

Just a thought,

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