The things that annoy.

Remember when i posted about wanting to be a more "Interesting" blogger? I finally figured out something that may not be interesting but it certainly will keep me interested!

Hey there,

I've figured out what to write about and this is it! I book, I'm gonna blog about this book I'm gonna write.. Kinda weird i know but here's the i guess you could call it the prolonged page!

" So, have you...Ever said the first thing that came to your mind when you get annoyed? Like if someone was wearing the same shoes as someone else and maybe you were the rude person to point it out to everyone? BEEN THERE! I have this habit of saying what comes to mind because i know that if i don't say it, it'll just irritate me on the inside! So now I'm gonna keep this Book/Log to say what i need to say without being extremely rude to others, or end up talking behind their backs. Oh!, and this is NOT a journal, so you wont know about much more of my feelings besides how i get annoyed!....and this is it Things that annoy me!"


The dress.

I found it! People say when you find the right dress for any occasion it's just amazing and you can tell it's the one! This Saturday i went with my mother to look for Prom dresses, it was very exciting and i really wasn't expecting to find it..since last year i went to several different locations to find one. But this time something struck, i tried my dress on and it was amazing! I loved the feel and i knew i could see myself dancing and enjoying the night with Jeremy! This is his Senior prom so by all means it is not about me, but I'm very lucky to be apart of it!
So eventful? Yes, i could say my life has been very eventful lately. I actually was sick the last two days of the week recently, which means no track for me! I just kinda laid around and was lazyy! Which isn't gonna be too good on my part tomorrow at practice!
Oh well, we'll see.


Music, is it in you?

Jason :)



Ms. Avril Lavigne

And of course Taylor Swift!

Aha, How things are finally getting better!
That Drama, demolished in only a day it's surprising how things disappear when you confront it.
So my weekend has begun and i am super excited because this means i get to sleep in late, hang out with friends, and listen to Music! You can't go wrong with a pair of head phones, a hair brush and your favorite tunes playing in your ears. Dance a little in the mirror? Why not! It just relaxing the mind, plus burns some calories! ha ha I posted a few of my favorite artist above. If you haven't heard of them, check them out!


Can i get a WAsWA!

Hello there :)
Well, i have had an Exhausting couple of days busy with Track and such, Yesterday 2/2/11 i actually went on a school trip to go see the local college girls basketball team play some basketball to raise money for breast cancer! It was extremely interesting, we toured the college watched the softball team practice and then we went and got some seats at the game. I have had a lot going on, with my grades dropping outta nowhere..It was a get ya downer!
So i've been cramming geometry books in my head all week to get that grade up, which i succesfully have done. In my small town you can always find DRAMA for sure! People just don't get when enough is enough.. So im dealing with this... Ill keep you updated when things get better.

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